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The website is being managed by the team of Daddy Flights. By browsing or using this site or any of its services, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below, as well as any supplemental guidelines and future revisions.

Daddy Flights reserves the right, with or without advance notice, to update, modify, or eliminate any element of the written Terms and Conditions below. Any modifications made to these Terms and Conditions of Use shall be effective immediately upon posting on the website. For a complete understanding of the situation, you should examine the “Terms & Conditions” page again.

Users must acknowledge that they have read and agree to the terms and conditions of our site in order to access, utili0073e, browse, or make a reservation on Daddy Flights and its affiliates have the right to pursue legal action against violators in the event of any infraction.

The final price that is shown on the website includes all relevant taxes. When an airline raises the price at the time an air ticket is issued, when a server fault results in an incorrect calculation of the tariff, or when a bank’s payment gateway malfunctions, Daddyflights reserves the right to cancel the ticket and keep the money paid in cancellation fees.To prevent any inconvenience, the difference in payment shall be made to Daddy Flights after receiving communication from Daddy Flights. Before your reservation can be confirmed, you must pay the complete sum.

To obtain an infant ticket, the child must be younger than 2 years old, present valid identification at check-in, and keep in mind that the child must be accompanied by an adult who has reached the age of 18. In a reservation, there can only be one newborn per adult. For the entire trip you are booking, the infant must be under 24 months old to be eligible for infant rates.

You must make a separate reservation for the infant if it is 24 months or older.

In order to receive a child ticket, make sure the youngster has appropriate proof of age documents and that they are between the ages of 2 and 12. The child must also be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old.

The terms and conditions provided by the specific airline or supplier are also applicable to all tickets and bookings that the customer gets.

The company is not to blame if there is a flight delay or cancellation.

For the refund to be executed if a ticket is terminated directly through the airline’s website, office, or call centre, the customer must notify Please be aware that does not receive direct alerts from airlines.

GST and include service charges, cancellation fees, and reschedule fees.

The price that we advertise on often includes lodging expenses, taxes (unless otherwise noted), and in special circumstances, some meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). It never includes personal costs or any extra fees like phone calls, personal-man services, monument entrance fees, or bar tabs, etc.

Customers can make online payments through a secure transaction process that guarantees their unique security codes won’t be disclosed under any circumstances using our payment gateway, which is 100 percent secure.

Modes of payment available at Daddyflights for online bookings are:

  • Credit/Debit Cards

Visa, Master, Amex, Maestro &RuPay

  • Net Banking

All Major Banks Supported

  • Wallet

MobKwik, PhonePe, AmazonPay& Others

  • UPI
  • GooglePay
  • EMI

HSBC, RBL, ICICI and other bank for EMI

  • PayPal

Pay with PayPal

  • ePayLater

Travel Now, Pay Later

  • You will receive an email from Daddyflights detailing the status of your transaction after making a purchase on this website.
  • The email will be sent to the email address you specify, and daddyflights is not liable if the email actually arrives in your inbox.Provide the correct email address with care.
  • The client acknowledges that the SMS delivered by daddyflightsis an extra service provided for the client’s convenience.
  • According to the law, giving clients SMS service notifications is not required. Daddyflights is not responsible if you don’t receive any SMS for whatever reason. It is not the responsibility of Daddyflight to offer information regarding any changes to flight schedules, cancellations, or the status of an airline or hotel, etc.

You accept and agree by your use of this website that:


  • You have the power and ability to create an obligation under law and to enter into these Terms of Use.
  • The terms of use for this website govern how you use it.
  • You agree to use the website solely to make legitimate reservations for you or another person for whom you have received official authorization to make such reservations.
  • When organising a trip using the site, you will give accurate information about all official documents as well as other crucial factors like name and DOB. You will let others know about the website’s terms and conditions.
  • You shall be held fully accountable for any information processing errors or mistakes.
  • Your submissions to this site should include only true, current, and comprehensive information.
  • You are urged to protect your account on this website using your login information, which includes your login ID and password. Any use or unauthorised use of your account is solely your responsibility.
  • Any person may be denied access to Daddyflights’ website at any time, without prior warning, and for any reason, including but not limited to violating the terms of use.

Each Daddyflights booking is subject to the airline’s cancellation fees, which might change depending on the flight and booking class.

As cancellation service fees, Daddyflights charges a little sum of 300 Rs. per passenger/per sector for domestic flights and 500 Rs. per passenger/per sector for foreign flights.

The cost of EMTC insurance is not refundable.

Zero Refunds – Booking-related fee product premiums are not refundable.

In all circumstances, convenience fees are not refundable.

Some bookings cannot be substantially cancelled in accordance with the relevant airline’s rules.

Some bookings cannot be substantially cancelled in accordance with the relevant airline’s rules.

Through the Mybooking part of the website or by sending Daddyflights an email, cancellations can be done online or offline.

We help you with a variety of booking adjustments. Only rarely do you need to speak with the airline directly. On, amendment fees are subject to modification in accordance with airline policy, which varies depending on flight schedules and ticket class. Daddyflights advises customers to contact the airlines directly to cancel tickets within 24 hours of the trip, and then make a cancellation request for a refund on our website. Customers must submit requests for any legitimate refunds, in accordance with the established policies, for no-show or unused reservations within 90 days of the travel date in the case of air, rail, taxi, and/or bus tickets, and/or the date of check-in in the case of hotel reservations. Requests made 90 days or more after the travel date or check-in date as stated above would not be eligible for a refund, and all unclaimed funds for such no-show or unused bookings would be declared forfeited.

Once a cancellation request is received, the refund will be executed as soon as possible. If you cancel directly with an airline, your refund will be handled after we deduct our service fee and any airline fees. All refunds must be processed pending processing by the appropriate airline or service provider. Please be aware that the convenience fee you paid when making your reservation is not refundable

  • A cancellation fee of 25% of the tour cost (if fully paid) will be assessed for cancellations made 60 days or more prior to the departure date.
  • 50% of the tour price will be levied as cancellation fees for cancellations made within 30 days before departure.
  • Before 15 days before to the scheduled departure, cancellations will incur fees equal to 100% of the tour cost.

Only after receiving a cancellation request or claim from the consumer, travel agency, or corporate business via the mybooking area or email will Daddyflights begin processing the refund.

After obtaining the refund amount from the airlines, refunds for cancelled flight tickets will be promptly paid to the customer’s payment method.

Only after obtaining a refund request from the involved airline, hotel, Transportation Company, or other source will Daddyflights process it within 72 hours.

Due to banking procedures, refunds on credit cards could take up to 72 hours, while refunds on net banking transactions could take up to 7 days.

Once funds have been utilised for a transaction, they cannot be transferred back to your bank account. It might, however, be used to book a reservation with us in the future.

When an airline or hotel suspends operations or declares bankruptcy, Daddyflights is not responsible for making any kind of refunds. When an airline or hotel closes its doors or declares bankruptcy, customers, clients, or agents may not hold daddyflights accountable for making the refunds that were promised at the time of ticket purchase.

Depending on the assurances provided by the airlines, hotels, and suppliers, daddyflights may occasionally reimburse money to the customer. However, daddyflights maintains the right to recoup the money in the event that the airlines or hotels are shut down, become non-operational, or go bankrupt.

Some of the products and services you see on the website might not be available to purchase in your region or country. As a result, the site’s references to any such goods and services do not imply that they are available in your specific area. Further, availability of products and services is subject to change, and the company is not responsible if any product is sold out or unavailable. These services are also subject to the terms and conditions of each service provider that the website offers as a product. We respectfully request that you go over their rules and policies before making a reservation with us.

Please double check that you have the correct visa for the country you are visiting or passing through. Please confirm the specific airline’s and embassy’s visa specifications.

International reservations made through daddyflights may be subject to visa requirements, including transit visas, which must be acquired by the User in compliance with their travel arrangements and the prerequisites of the countries they desire to visit or transit through.

If the Client is unable to use the booking as intended owing to a lack of or refusal of a visa, in addition to the User being unable to travel due to such visa restrictions, Daddyflights is not obligated to compensate the User in any way. If there are any refunds, they will be given in accordance with the applicable booking terms and cancellation policy.

Communications via the Internet can never be totally private or secure. You are aware that unless there is a specific notification (for instance, credit card information that is encrypted), any communication or information you send to this site may be intercepted by others. No additional obligations are placed on daddyflights as a result of messages being sent to it. Daddyflights owns the rights to the materials on this website. Without the consent of daddyflights, you are not permitted to copy any portion or all of the materials of this website, unless absolutely necessary in order to use the offered premium services.

You understand that daddyflights acts as a conciliator and is not liable for any third-party duties related to prices, quality, or any other circumstances. You specifically acknowledge that usage of the services and the website is at your exclusive risk. It is your responsibility to evaluate all advice, opinions, services, products, and other information on the website for accuracy, completeness, and timeliness. We cannot guarantee that the service will run without interruption or without mistakes. Daddyflights reserves the right to upgrade and/or modify its website at any time. In terms of completeness, accuracy, reliability, or any other factor, daddyflights and its third-party partners, licensors, and suppliers do not guarantee or make any claims regarding the use of the services, the website, or any other reference sites. You understand that some outside influences, such as the lack of certain goods and services, the malfunctioning of the Internet or other telecommunications services, or specific technical work is being done on this website, may limit uninterrupted access to or use of this website. If you are unable to use the site or experience any other inability, daddyflights will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind.

We provide you advance notice that any increases in entrance fees, gasoline costs, guide fees, and other services after the tour package pricing are set may result in additional expenses. Clients are required to pay the additional amount if the government increases some taxes on travel services.

Any travel agent who uses company credit to pay for services but fails to pay off the balance by a specific date may be subject to legal action from In these circumstances, they are subject to interest rates that are set by the business. If the travel agent discovers any fraud, strong legal action may be taken.

Pregnant women are recommended by all airlines to see a doctor before flying at any point of their pregnancy. We sincerely request that all expecting ladies read the airline’s pregnancy rules before booking a flight. Several guidelines that must be adhered to include:


  • Get a medical clearance from your doctor or healthcare provider saying that you are healthy enough to travel no later than 7 days before your trip.
  • If your pregnancy is difficult and risky in any way, you should avoid flying.
  • You should plan your return trip taking into account your due date.
  • Determine if your body can handle a demanding aircraft journey before booking a long-distance flight because a wide belly may make the seat unpleasant.

For more information, kindly contact the airline you will be flying with.

Unless they are accompanied by someone who is at least 18 years old, children under the age of 12 will not be allowed for carriage. The child or youngsters must be seated adjacent to the accompanying adult. The safety of the child or youngsters travelling with the accompanying adult is exclusively their responsibility. Furthermore, reservations must be made so that a child or children and the accompanying adult are seated together.

As a reputable and accountable travel service, gives you the greatest information on hotels, planes, transit, and trains. To avoid confusion and chaos, all clients are recommended to personally inquire. Any delay or itinerary change brought on by unforeseen circumstances—which may be anything—is not our responsibility. We disclaim all liability for any injury, loss, or damage sustained while using our vacation packages. You are responsible for taking your own precautions for safety. Additionally, we are not liable for any human error that goes unnoticed by clients or employees.

This website’s products, services, and materials are all owned by Any unauthorised duplication and use of trademarked goods and services without prior authorization will be considered theft, and the offending individual, organisation, or company may face harsh penalties.

You are only granted a limited number of rights to access, browse, utilise, and conduct transactions on the daddyflights website. You hereby promise not to use its resources improperly or interfere in any way with the proper functioning of this Site. You are aware that daddyflights does not in any way endorse any other information, products, or services except from those that are provided by us. You are also aware that daddyflights cannot guarantee that any files downloaded from the website will be virus-free.