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Travelling is a broad term that refers to movement of people or groups from one place to another

It includes Business Travel, Tourism, and Immigration

Travel can involve transportation logistics, tours can provide curate experiences

Types of tours

  • Sight seen tours
  • Adventure and sporting tours
  • Combining tours
  • Share excursion tours

When it comes to tours and traveling first thought is planning, bookings and many more

Second thought should be


WHY  ???

As daddy flights says so it follows their tagline

We will beat the price

( international or domestic flights)

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Booking of trains, buses, and taxies

  • Services pick and drop
  • Access to lounges at airports
  • Airport assistance

Daddy flights situated in city beautiful Chandigarh providing services by using innovative technology and to find the best value flights, packages within the budget.

How excited you are! vacations!

Holiday travel visa and flight tickets ready? Ready to explore perfect international tour package with wondrous sights to explore ? Excited to enjoy every bit of your tour, filled with zeal and enthusiasm. Now just think of it for a fraction of second you reach airport well in time with high spirits and you come to know that your flight got cancelled? Disheartened isn’t it? Even though at one of the best airports, best lounge in the world are you, still you are filled with anxiety, you can’t wait to reach your destination and fulfill your dreams of enjoying your vacations.

Now question arises-

  • Do I need to book flight ticket or get the visa first?
  • Let us make it clear, these are just the minor hiccups and not to create havoc on your travel mood.

If your flight gets cancelled, you are entitled for certain compensation as in like refund or a travel voucher or you will be accommodated on an alternative flight or sometimes a stay in a reputed hotel. Let’s have a look at them so, let’s start….

Important points to be kept in mind before you board a flight

  1. Airlines are required to inform you beforehand if flight gets cancelled. In that case some things you are entitled to in this case.
  2. If airline informs about flight cancellation between 2 weeks or 24 hours before your scheduled departure time, then airline provide you with an alternative ticket or refund your ticket amount.
  3. Airlines also provides you with free of charge meals, if passenger reported to the original flight that got cancelled and are made to wait until an alternate flight is arranged.
  4. In some case of flight cancellation airlines do not provide accommodation however there can be exceptions where in some airlines provide accommodation.
  5. If passenger being informed about flight cancellation less than 6 hours before the scheduled departed time and are provided with alternative flight arrangements, then it’s the responsibility of the airlines to make transfer arrangements for you to the airports or the terminal from where the alternate flight is scheduled
  6. Chances of getting a refund becomes less if you have booked connecting flights of different airlines and either of the flight got cancelled. So try booking the connecting flights of the same airlines if possible.  
  7. In certain situations airlines compensate you with travel vouchers or credits instead of a financial refund.
  8. Refund times vary when a flight gets cancelled. It may be refunded if paid by cash immediately or up to 7 days when paid by credit card. Passenger needs to check airline and have patience while getting your refund or compensation.
  9. Reason behind flight cancellation needs to be understood, it may be mechanical failure, bad weather, sort of emergency etc.
  10. Every airlines have its own terms and conditions in line with DGCA guidelines. Thoroughly go through their cancellation and refund policies before booking your ticket to avoid any road block that you may face in case your flight gets cancelled.

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